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lemAdx Introduction

Self-developed by our team with top technology in the industry, our DSP platform provide the traffic featured in accurate, low cost and high quality. DSP platform could optimize the cost of ads by reach the global RTB stock to bidding and purchase of advertising display quickly and accurately.


Advanced technology

Self-developed by top tech team, the DSP platform could reach to the network of high quality traffic around the world and support all the mainstream 3rd party tracking tool. By data mining, AI algorithm and database of high quality user to ensure key index including instant advertiser launching ,response time, success rate of biding, mistake rate etc ahead the average levelof industry.


Through the data analysis from DSP platform, the operation could optimize the campaign in aspect of time, accurate and cost to ultimate upgrade the efficiency.


Our platform could reach the mobile advertise request worldwide through ad exchange and bidding through RTB to ensure the volume of traffic.

DSP Features

Real-Time Analytics

Exploratory Interface


Track your users

Look-A-Like Modeling

Hyper-Local Targeting

API Access

Wordwide Reach


If the statistic are boring, you've got the wrong numbers.


Targeting Options

Why Us?

So, what questions should you ask of the shiny suited salesman when they come knocking on the door offering use of their DSP?


How many and which RTB sources are they connected to? Does this include both App and Mobile web inventory? Is Mobile Rich Media included?

Access to a large amount of potential inventory is key in order for the DSP to have the best chance of seeking out effective impressions.


Does the platform allow the user to forecast available inventory at different CPM levels?

This is helpful for budget flighting and for assessing the scalability of campaigns.

Brand safety

Does your platform have inbuilt brand safety functions?

Some inventory on exchanges won’t be suitable for your target audience so the DSP should have content verification processes available such as Adsafe or uKnow to filter out any undesirable sites or apps.

Delivery Controls

What are they?e.g time of day, time of week?

This will allow you to focus budgets on key periods you believe your audience will be active.

Bid Optimisation

How do they optimise a campaign? What is their max query per second? What are the options for setting goal optimization targets?

It is essential to be able to optimise over a large number of data points at any one time to deliver the best performance.

Targeting ability

What is the breadth of available targeting criteria? Is Geo-targeting possible?

In addition to standard demographics you’d want to be able to target behaviourally by device, operating system, network operator, location etc in order to really hone in on your target audience.

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